Production strength

productive strength

We have Mazak Turn-Milling Composite Machining Center, VMC1060L Vertical Machining Center, HEXAGON CMM, ABB Robot and other large-scale internationally advanced machining equipment, and we can build international first-class products with strong lean manufacturing capability.

The modern intelligent manufacturing center has six information systems to control the whole process, as well as high-efficiency digital production workshops in combination with advanced Aleader full-automatic optical testing equipment, ensuring efficient, accurate and reliable production and processing processes.

Measurement is the cornerstone of quality improvement. the Company has participated in the formulation of relevant national standards many times and has many advanced large-scale equipment such as DHS annular low-speed wind tunnel and ZENSAN walk-in high- and low-temperature alternating damp-heat laboratory, which ensures the traceability of each product in the manufacturing process.

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