LY-NDIR Non-Dispersive Infrared Multi-Gas Measurement Module(SO₂、NO、CO)

Module Introduction

The module is specially developed for high-quality NDIR gas analysis instruments and can simultaneously measure SO2, NO and CO. We can also customize the functions of measuring N2O, CO2, CH4, hydrocarbons, other VOCs, malodorous gases and other infrared absorption gases according to customers’ requirements. The measurement range is from ppm to % level.




The module adopts the principle of non-dispersive infrared absorption and consists of a wide-spectrum infrared radiation light source, a gas chamber, a detector and a signal control and processing circuit. It analyzes the gas concentration by detecting the light intensity before and after gas absorption and thus calculating the absorbance.. The module adopts a high-performance wide-spectrum infrared radiation light source and a new type of multi-reflection infrared gas chamber designed by Laoying, achieving both high stability and low detection limit. The module has a smaller size than imported ones with the same detection limit and is convenient to be integrated into various gas analyzers. The optical path of the gas chamber can be customized, and the chamber wall does not affect the optical process, so the optical path is more stable and the measurement results are more reliable, without frequent cleaning of the gas chamber and other maintenance.




  • Adopt a pulse modulation infrared light source, without the need of mechanical chopping modulation;

  • Multi-channel pyroelectric detector provides higher sensitivity;

  • Constant temperature control ensures good stability;

  • Three out of CO, CO2, SO2, NO, CH4, HC and malodorous gases and other infrared absorption gases can be measured at the same time;

  • Self-developed algorithm provides stronger anti-interference capability;

  • The mechanical structure can be customized according to customers’ requirements.


  • TOC detection of water quality

  • Ambient air analysis

  • Indoor air quality monitoring

  • Analysis of waste gas from pollution sources

  • Analysis of emission from mobile pollution Sources

  • Industrial gas analysis

  • Process measurement technology

  • Biogas research, etc.

  • Greenhouse gas monitoring

  • Process control

  • Building ventilation system management

  • Atmospheric monitoring and meteorological research


Technical Indicators

Technical Indicators


Measured gas




Measuring range

0~1000 ppm

0~1000 ppm

0~5000 ppm

0~2500 ppm

0~30000 ppm

0~50000 ppm







Response time

T90 ≤ 30 s@1L/min

Operating temperature


Relative humidity



Zero calibration and span calibration

Communication interface


Output signal

Concentration/Original AD value

Power supply





The above parameters are totally up to the requirements of the relevant national standards. If product upgrades, or image does not match with real machine, please refer to the real machine.

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