Environmental monitoring equip


Smoke and dust monitor

Smoke and dust monitor: It can be used in many fields such as environmental protection system, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, factories and mines, quality supervision and commodity inspection, testing services, disease control, military technology, etc. to measure the emission concentration/total amount of soot, asphalt smoke, etc. of various boilers and kilns, as well as the dust removal and desulfurization efficiency of equipment. It can measure the parameters such as flue gas dynamic pressure, static pressure, pressure and temperature before flowmeter, flue gas

Comprehensive air monitor

It mainly samples or monitors harmful gases and particulates in ambient air or waste gas from pollution sources.

VOCs sampler

It can be used to sample volatile organic compounds in waste gas pollution sources.

Oil-gas recovery detector

It can be used for oil-gas emission management of gas stations or during gas transportation.


It can be widely applied to metrological verification, environmental protection monitoring, labor protection and health, scientific research institutes and other occasions requiring gas flow calibration.


In order to meet the needs of different users, Laoying is able to provide you with portable mobile power supply, gas distributors, smoke sampling tubes, moisture content testers and other environmental monitoring equipment.

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