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smart data

Internet softwareApplication software system to meet multi-type and multi-demand environmental protection information integration and quality control management

Starting from the actual needs of the ecological environment department (bureau), monitoring stations, monitoring agencies and operation and maintenance agencies, we have fully exerted the advantages of the core team in terms of hardware R&D capabilities, software R&D capabilities, system integration capabilities, etc., quickly responded to the new requirements of customers in the new situation, and developed a series of industry application software. We can help customers to keep up with the development trend of the environmental protection industry, apply the latest scientific and technological achievements, and realize various leading applications with IoT hardware, thus greatly improving work efficiency and the level of ecological environment monitoring and supervision so as to effectively help the new infrastructure construction of environmental monitoring industry.

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Iot hardwareHardware system close to the requirements for environmental protection instrument IoT capability upgrades

According to the application requirements of the environmental monitoring industry, we have innovatively developed various Internet of Things hardware products by comprehensively applying advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, face recognition, radio frequency identification (RFID), embedded systems and pan-communication protocol support. These products effectively eliminate the threshold of Internet of things transformation of environmental protection instruments, greatly improve the work efficiency of on-site monitoring, automatically transfer the quality control information throughout the procession of environmental monitoring tasks, helping realize the leap from traditional environmental monitoring to intelligent ecological monitoring.

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Cloud platformService-oriented, configurable, intelligent and big data-based intelligent environmental protection platform system

Starting from the information development trend of environmental monitoring, our military-grade cloud platform services which have been developed by the core team for ten years can provide users credible technical support to customize various big data platforms. In recent years, based on these services, we have built a series of service-oriented, configurable, intelligent ecological applications to provide real-time monitoring, early warning, governance and other big data services for environmental monitoring supervision departments, environmental monitoring instrument manufacturers and third-party testing agencies.

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