LY-OPDOAS Open chamber UV-DOAS Gas Measurement Optical Module

Module Introduction

Based on Open chamber ultraviolet differential optical absorption spectroscopy (OPDOAS), It can be used to monitor and analyze various gaseous pollutants such as SO2, NOx and VOCs in ambient air,It has many advantages such as high measurement accuracy, low detection limit, fast response, The monitoring distance is far,etc., and can be widely applied to the fields of Chemical gas leakage warning, Urban traffic air quality monitoring, Monitoring of pollutant emission from ships, Emergency monitoring of sudden environmental accidents, etc.


When the UV-Vis light of continuous spectrum passes through the target gas- in the gas cell, light of specific wavelength will be absorbed by the Target gas. The absorption (absorbance) of light is proportional to the concentration of the target gas. An empirical relation curve between the laboratory calibrated absorbance and the concentration of the sample gas is established by spectral analysis and chemometrics methods, then the concentration of the target gas can be calculated in real time according to the absorbance of the sample gas.  

  • Many kinds of gaseous pollutants can be test: C6H6, CS2, SO2, NOx, NH3 and other gaseous pollutants can be measured at the same time;
  • Non-contact measurement: using optical telemetry technology, without sampling and pretreatment, the measuring instrument can be far away from the pollution source;
  • Long monitoring distance: up to 1000m (can be customized according to demand)
  • Easy calibration: built in calibration chamber
  • Long service life: Adopt the pulsed xenon lamp light source, long service life.
  • Chemical gas leakage warning
  • Early warning and monitoring of toxic and harmful gases in industrial workshops
  • Vehicle emission monitoring
  • Monitoring of pollutant emission from ships
  • Air quality monitoring in confined space
  • Real time early warning monitoring of uncontrolled emission in industrial and chemical plants
  • Monitoring of odor emission from municipal wastewater treatment plants and landfills
  • Emergency monitoring of sudden environmental accidents

The above parameters are totally up to the requirements of the relevant national standards. If product upgrades, or image does not match with real machine, please refer to the real machine.

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